There is no greater honor than to be trusted with your brand new bundle of pure love and joy. Newborn photography is an art-form like no other form of photography. It requires patience, love AND most importantly education. Whether you choose to shoot with us or you go to another photographer please make sure who ever you wind up with has been educated in newborn photography posing. It can be extremely dangerous for a photographer, who, while may be less expensive is also less experienced, to try poses that should be done in composites without knowing how to actually do them. Not only do I have years of education behind me, I am the Mom to 2 high risk preemie twins ( now pre-teens!) and have years of Mommy experience as well. Please schedule these a few months in advance so we know when estimate when your shoot will happen. Sometimes we can accommodate a last minute photoshoot so please call to find out if there is any room in the schedule.

What to expect for your Newborn Session: Full Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how cooperative your little one is. During this photoshoot they rule the school! If he or she needs to eat, we break to feed them, if they are fussy we’ll rock them and sometimes we just wait around for them to settle. For an optimal session we ask that you feed prior to the start of the shoot and the baby has a clean diaper.  This way they are likely to be sleepy when we start shooting. Often while we plan, baby laughs and we have to just go with the flow. Even if the baby is normally a great sleeper during the day, today might be the day he or she knows its lights, camera, action and they don’t want to miss a minute of the fun. So we plan around what the baby has in mind and whatever that is we are sure it will produce amazing images that will last a lifetime. Prior to the photoshoot we will have a consultation and design the look of your shoot from props to outfits and poses. Have a cute idea for a theme? Great! We love that and will work to set it up for you. We will go over any questions you have about pricing and packages. You will have the opportunity to pre-pay for any of the packages for a discount of 20% off. Traditionally, if you are looking for the sleepy posed shots its really best to schedule the photoshoot in the first 10 days. If this doesn’t work into your schedule, you will still have beautiful images, they may just be more awake shots and we will shoot in a more photojournalistic style.

Birth Photography and “Fresh 48” Sessions We would love to photograph your birth! It’s such an amazing way to capture the intimate precious moments behind the scenes of your baby’s delivery. Your little one will be able to see exactly how he or she came into the world, in a most tasteful way. To schedule a full birth session where we are on call 24 hours a day leading up to the birth and have to clear our schedule prior please call and ask for specific pricing on this. Due to the enormous time commitment different birthing situations have different session fees. If you would like to have birth photography but would be just as happy with a “Fresh 48” session and are willing to let fate decide, we run a special with our Newborn packages. A “Fresh 48” is where if we can make it to the birth, great! But if we can’t we will come to the hospital within the first 48 hours (usually the first 24) before the baby comes home. This is great for sibling and grandparent introductions and the sweet tender moments after the delivery that you will surely cherish for a lifetime as will your child. You can also schedule this session right off the bat if you know you don’t want delivery room photographs or the hospital won’t allow it but want the moments shortly after documented. For about the same price as the hospital photographers that come around and provide one or two not so great pictures you can have your baby’s first introduction into the world beautifully documented. We often run specials when you book both a Birth Story and a Newborn Session, please ask what our current specials are.

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